when is article 13 happening

However, Article 13 of the directive raises serious questions about the implications for free expression, creativity, and the freedom to publish. Article 13 doesn't demand that stuff is filtered at the point of upload, but in our opinion, there wouldn't be another way around the law. Comment. 13 article stoparticule13 article13. Help stop article 13 from happening. This is targeted at news aggregators (mainly Google News) because it links to stories with snippets.

The vote on this is on June 20th, so if you feel strongly about it -- and you should -- then it's vital that you put the word out.

Because companies will have to be aware of Article 13 when dealing with Europe, it would make sense to implement the changes for the UK at the same time as well. Add to Favourites.

EU's Article 11 and Article 13 Approved The Mac Observer It means there could be a fee on sharing hyperlinks to various news articles online. Mar 27, 2019 | 3 min read. We help companies engage with their stakeholders to deliver sustainability strategies, materiality and reporting with a difference. Article 13 – we are independent sustainability consultants based in London, supporting clients globally. Article 13: EU approves controversial copyright law. Julia said that on April 9th there will be another vote. Article 13 (and Article 11, for that matter) do very little to fix problems that exist, and add a whole raft of new problems on top. Services like YouTube, Facebook and Google News will feel the effects the most, but memes, gifs and snippets are "protected more than ever before."

Round 2 against Article 13Yeah… the articles passed today… BUT we still have another chance to turn this around. By Jack-Dev99 | Watch. Advertisement. 6 0 1K (1 Today) Published: Mar 27, 2019. It won't ruin the internet if it passes... but it …