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The required form(s) will be … Looking for the best resources? And check out Zotero – a free, easy-to-use app that helps you save, manage, and cite your sources. ZSR Online Reporting Requirements Guide For Grantees. Other Online Resources Please see the websites tab above for other helpful online resources. ZSR Research Guides & Tutorials. ZSR Library Calendar. Modernizácia trate Poprad – Lučivná začne už tento rok. The resources in this section are only available temporarily in response to the current crisis. Take a look at the selected guides below for some of the most popular citation styles. These brief guides cover how to cite both electronic and traditional print resources. Citation & Style Guides Popular Citation Styles. As a guide for the grantee, below is a list of the reporting requirements that we require. Aktuality. Start with our research guides. Bloomsbury Collections.

The ZSR are KZ's latest offering to us budget audio enthusiasts. WFU Writing Center. Initially, they seemed to be a rebranded TRN V10, but from a quick inspection it's quite clear that the housings are not the same - the ZSR are smaller.. Research Guides Let Us Guide You. We’ve got course guides, subject guides, and more! The mission of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library is to inspire learning, advance knowledge, and build community at Wake Forest University.