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Planet Ark is proud to announce our partnership with Alliance Paper. At Pure Planet Club we are concerned about the impact toilet paper has on our environment.

Planet Ark is the conscious choice! Choosing this product supports local jobs and keeps waste paper out of Australian landfill. So we decided to make an alternative product that is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and yet still super soft. The Naturale Schools Recycle Right Challenge Kicks Off 12-Oct-16 Ryan Collins.
Planet Ark Power transforms rooftop solar into an investment grade asset, with innovations that increase bi-directional energy flows across the power grid. Planet Ark Paper has been produced to help make the use of recycled paper mainstream. The collaboration will encourage businesses to choose safer paper products for our health and the environment. Alliance Paper, a Queensland-based supplier of specialised paper products, is at the forefront of an industry shift that aims to eventually phase out the use of chemicals of concern in thermal paper and food packaging.
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation, founded in 1992, which works with the public and business alike to help find the simple ways in which they can reduce their impact on the planet, at home, at work and in the community.

Planet Ark has teamed up with Opal Australian Paper to form the Make It Australian Recycled campaign. The campaign focuses on encouraging paper buyers right around the country, whether that’s households, schools, government or businesses, to not only recycle their paper waste but to buy it back and use locally made high recycled content papers.. Your choice matters, so look for Planet Ark Paper at any leading outlet. Planet Ark is an Australian not-for profit environmental group.

Enquire about solar for your business. Planet Ark Paper has the same whiteness and brightness as other high-quality office papers and performs equally on dust tests. Come and check out our tree-free toilet tissue. Recycling Near You. Search.

This makes your choice suitable for the planet, the economy and you! National Recycling Week Australasian Recycling Label Cartridges 4 Planet Ark.

Find out which workplaces have happily made the switch to Planet Ark 100% Recycled Paper. In partnership with Australian Paper, 100% recycled, bright and white is the perfect choice for every office. Clean energy is generated and consumed locally, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Currently office paper has a recycling rate of about 70% but less than 18% of new reams have high-recycled content.