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wow i wish all literature were like this. funny that a book about pigeons, magical feathers, radio evangelism, a Japanese expat with a ball spinning six inches from his forehead, and other oddities should contain such sobering insights about the nature of capital(ism). Through the Arc of the Rainforest is narrated by a small satellite hovering permanently around the head of an innocent character named Kazumasa. "Despite the whimsical, almost magical mood of the narrative, Karen Tei Yamashita's "Through the Arc of the Rainforest" is a novel deeply concerned with environmental issues. View the Study Pack Study Guide . It looses its essence, which is so central to it when it is originally made use of.

and Culture in “Through the Arc of the Rain Forest” Ari Koontz Western Washington University, Follow this and additional works at: Part of theArts and Humanities Commons This Research Paper is brought to you for free and open access by the Western Student Publications at Western CEDAR. Japanese-American Yamashita's first novel has an agenda at the beginning—concern for environmental devastation—but this is more than a piece of environmental pleading. through the arc of the rain forest manages to fuse the comic and absurd with the horrifically real. Fortunately, it’s also much more.

“Through the Arc of the Rain Forest” is a sermon on the evils of technology worship, media hype, metastasizing capitalism and environmental rape. Indeed while Yamashita's text belongs to the school of magical realism following the lead of Latin American writer Gabriel Garc.

In Through the Arc of the Rainforest, the characters, the consumers, and the producers decide the value of the feathers. essays; homework help; Blog; Sign In; Get Through the Arc of the Rainforest from All the real value is stripped of the object and the object becomes purely defined as a commodity, value based completely on usefulness. Through the Arc of the Rain Forest is the first novel published by Japanese-American author Karen Tei Yamashita. It has been accepted for inclusion in Occam's Razor … The Amazon embodies more than half of the planets remaining rainforest it’s also the worlds biggest and most specie diverse tropical rainforest region. Instead, it's as much about contemporary concerns as about the universal search for meaning and permanence. The Amazon provides numerous natural resources to the world.